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Online Registration for July tryouts

Online Pre-Registration for tryouts after July 21st is now open. Cost is $60 including walk-in registration that take place the day of tryouts. Next Tryout Date - Wednesday July 24, 2024

Boys 13 - 3rd Place - Dale Rhode - 3-3-24

12 Teal - 1st Place - 1-27-24

12 Black - Copper Champs 3-10-24

12 White - Diamond Champs - 3-10-24

Big Sister / Little Sister Event - February 2023

Coaching Opportunities

Madison Elite is growing and is looking for coaches. If you are interested in coaching this upcoming season, please email Kevin

14 Teal - Winter Classic Champs - 1-14-24

14 Silver - 2nd Place - 2-11-24

14 White / 14 Silver - Waukesha - 3-3-24

College Coaches - Recruiting

Madison Elite is using Field Level for Recruiting. To view our roster of players looking to play in college, use the link below to log into Fieldlevel.

15 White - Whitewater Champs - 4-14-24

15 Teal - 3rd Place - 1-20-24 (16s Div)

16 Teal - 3rd Place Presidents Day - 2-18-24

17 Teal Silver Champs - Platteville - 1-21-24

18 Teal 3rd Place - Waukesha - 1-28-24

Net Works Award: Kevin Scopoline (Madison Elite)

Per the Badger Beacon

“One week before tryouts, another local club in Madison decided to not offer volleyball for boys this season.  Kevin Scopoline wanted to make sure that all boys that wanted to play were given an opportunity to tryout.  This included a free tune-up clinic prior to tryouts.  He then obtained enough space and staff to hold tryouts anticipating a large turnout.  After a great turnout, he secured enough coaches and court time in order to field seven boys teams.  This was in addition to 19 girls teams.  This enabled 69 boys to play, many of which would not have been able to play.

“To ensure the boys had a good experience, Kevin allocated time for his director of player development, to work with the boy’s teams. Even with a shortened season the teams had a great deal of success. There were two gold championships, five silver championships and one bronze championship.

“Kevin has always believed in having the best coaches as possible.  When Badger Region hosted a CAP certification in early December, Kevin reached out to his coaches to see who was interested and available.  He then paid for nine of his coaches to attend.  This was in addition to him renewing his own CAP certification.”